Madigan, Pritzker & Cullerton Reject Transparency, Already Hiding Details of Jobs Tax

By Ideas Illinois

Madigan, Pritzker & Cullerton Reject Transparency, Already Hiding Details of Jobs Tax

Democrat leaders seek to squelch opposition in Jobs Tax discussions

Last week, Governor JB Pritzker touted his plans to hold “conversations with leadership about rate structure” for his planned Jobs Tax, but as lawmakers arrive in Springfield this week, leadership is already backtracking on the Governor’s commitment to discuss rates instead focusing on how they can attack opponents of the tax who seek to highlight its disastrous effect on Illinois families. 

According to Politico, Democrat leaders are saying they will not be talking about “the nitty-gritty of the income tax rates” until later in the spring and they dismissed Ideas Illinois’ proposal to live-stream the rate discussions which would bring transparency to the tax debate.

“Illinoisans deserve a transparent process as Democrats in Springfield try to dump yet another massive Jobs Tax on Illinois families,” Ideas Illinois Chairman Greg Baise said. “Yet, less than one week after the Governor said he would begin rate discussions with leaders, we are already hearing a very different story from those leaders in Springfield.”

“It should be lost on no one that the individuals who are planning this secret negotiating and dismissing transparency have been the architects of the two largest income tax increases in Illinois’ history without disclosing their tax returns, and while Governor Pritzker has made this Jobs Tax the centerpiece of his administration, he also has not disclosed his full income tax returns,” Baise said.

Ideas Illinois is a new initiative of The Coalition for Jobs, Growth and Prosperity committed to improving and growing Illinois’ economy by promoting free-market principles anchored in a reasonable and predictable tax system. 

The Coalition was established in 2004 to advocate for government policies that promote market-driven principles. Since that time, the Jobs Coalition has been the tip of the spear in a number of statewide and national campaigns, including the 2004 fight in Illinois against Rod Blagojevich’s gross receipts tax, the national 2009-2010 fight against pro-union “card check” legislation, and the 2017 fight against the “soda tax” in Cook County.  

Evan Walker