NBC: Pritzker rolls out proposed graduated income tax rates

By Tim Shelley

“After months of speculation, Gov. J.B. Pritzker has unveiled his proposed tax rates under his proposed graduated income tax plan.

Illinois currently imposes a flat 4.95 percent income tax on all residents. Pritzker is proposing six tax brackets, ranging from 4.75 percent to 7.95 percent…

Republicans and conservative groups blasted the proposal, saying the graduated income tax would add to Illinois’ already high tax burden…

‘We can’t trust Springfield politicians – the same people who in the last 8 years have raised taxes twice – with a blank check,’ said Greg Baise, chairman of the right-leaning dark money group Ideas Illinois. ‘Today’s proposal is just a massive jobs tax on Illinois families and will destroy the Illinois economy and further accelerate people fleeing the state.’”

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Evan Walker