ICYMI: Pritzker Blank Check Amendment Support Slipping Fast

By Ideas Illinois

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Poll: “Despite nearly $5 million in spending by Think Big Illinois, overall support for a progressive income tax has dropped.” 

CBS: "Pritzker and Madigan need to convince voters to give them a blank check with their hard-earned tax dollars, while at the same time they're giving themselves pay raises, they're putting a bunch of pork in the budget…so the fact that Think Big has spent as much money as they have, and support has dropped almost ten points sine they've started spending, is very telling. The more people hear about this tax, the less they like this tax." 

The News-Gazette: "The poll revealed support for the Pritzker tax plan has fallen 'despite nearly $5 million in spending by (pro-amendment) Think Big Illinois.'"

The Daily Line: "A new poll commissioned by Ideas Illinois...shows support for the idea is slipping, especially in a key central Illinois media market."

Alton Daily News: "New polling found Illinois' proposed progressive income tax ballot initiative may be off to a rocky start in terms of public opinion...it has dropped eight percentage points since February."

“Mike Madigan has run Illinois for almost 40 years and has failed to maintain Illinois’ crumbling infrastructure and now Governor Pritzker wants to cut ribbons instead of admit that in order to pay for his massive spending binge he needs a blank check from taxpayers. Polling shows that public support for lifting the cap on taxes is falling fast because no amount of shiny objects will get taxpayers to trust politicians in Springfield.” - Ideas Illinois Chairman Greg Baise


Evan Walker