ICYMI: Middle Class Voters Fed Up With Higher Taxes

By Ideas Illinois

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Middle Class Voters Fed Up With Higher Taxes

ABC: "A poll that was just released shows that support for the blank check amendment is falling rapidly so we are working to educate voters on that issue to make sure people know by 2020 they can't give Springfield politicians a blank check to their bank account."

Chicago Sun-Times: "'Mike Madigan has run Illinois for almost 40 years and has failed to maintain Illinois’ crumbling infrastructure and now Governor Pritzker wants to cut ribbons instead of admit that in order to pay for his massive spending binge he needs a blank check from taxpayers,' Ideas Illinois chairman Greg Baise said in a statement. 'Polling shows that public support for lifting the cap on taxes is falling fast because no amount of shiny objects will get taxpayers to trust politicians in Springfield.'"


Evan Walker