ICYMI: Ideas Illinois Chairman Greg Baise in Sun-Times

By Ideas Illinois

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It is Tax Day in the United States. And, as Ideas Illinois Chairman Greg Baise writes in the Chicago Sun-Times, Governor Pritzker & Speaker Madigan’s plan for a massive Jobs Tax is like giving a kid in a candy store a blank check.

From the Op-Ed:

Pritzker and Madigan’s latest scheme is to pass a constitutional amendment giving them authority to raise our taxes so they can fix all of our state’s problems. That’s right: new roads, better schools, balanced budgets, and even fix our pension system. All we have to do is trust them with a blank check. 

Sound familiar?

In the last 8 years alone, the politicians in Springfield have spent wildly and then went back to voters saying, “trust us, just one more tax increase.” What did middle class families get - two of the largest tax hikes in Illinois history and we are still billions in debt. Our roads are not any better, our schools lack adequate funding, pensions are billions of dollars in the hole and we are light years from a balanced budget. 

As we come to yet another day where we hand Uncle Sam more tax dollars, it’s pretty simple. Passing a Jobs Tax is essentially allowing politicians to put the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent when it comes to giving them a blank check with setting tax rates for middle class families. At least with a kid in the candy store, unlike Springfield politicians, there’s a fighting chance they will keep their spending to whatever they can stuff in their pockets.
Read the full op-ed here.

Evan Walker