CRAIN'S CHICAGO BUSINESS: The Best Name for Pritzker's Tax Push: The Blank Check Amendment

By Greg Baise

“The governor and his team have spent a lot of money throughout the last several months trying to convince voters that his new tax is a good idea. However, recent polling conducted by We Ask America for Ideas Illinois shows that despite all this advertising, support for the tax has actually fallen.

In fact, when voters learn more about the plan, particularly that the new tax plan fronted by Pritzker and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan would essentially be giving all of the politicians in Springfield a blank check with their hard-earned money, support plummets.

For good reason. Under their Blank Check Amendment, Illinois businesses would be among the highest taxed in the nation—undoubtedly forcing more jobs out of state at a time when Illinois is already losing large swaths of residents.

The math is pretty straightforward.”

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Evan Walker