CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Gov. Pritzker's tax-and-spend plan will drive employers out of Illinois

By Greg Baise

“Who is looking out for the jobs of everyday folks — those who too often have to bear the brunt of these decisions? The billions that politicians so quickly and easily reference have to come from somewhere.

To be clear, Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation. Politicians in Springfield have raised income taxes by historic amounts, yet we are still billions in the hole.

The Pritzker administration would say that’s where its “progressive income tax” comes in. The state raises taxes on people at a certain income level, and they pay for all the new spending ideas. Ask some of the small business owners and job creators you know how they feel about that.

Let’s call it the ‘jobs tax’ — because it will accelerate the push of already-struggling job creators out of Illinois.

In addition, the governor has floated this idea without telling voters the rates at which they would be taxed.”

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Evan Walker