The Coalition for Jobs, Growth and Prosperity was established in 2004 to advocate for government policies that promote market-driven principles. Since that time, the Jobs Coalition has been the leader in a number of statewide and national campaigns, including the 2004 fight in Illinois against Rod Blagojevich’s gross receipts tax, the national 2009-2010 fight against pro-union “card check” legislation, and the 2017 fight against the “soda tax” in Cook County.

Ideas Illinois is an initiative born from the core mission of the Coalition for Jobs, Growth and Prosperity: to communicate with government leaders, lawmakers and their constituents about crystal-clear options to improve and grow our economy, and both the economic and political consequences of doing otherwise. All such communications are based in free-market principles anchored in a reasonable and predictable tax system.

Ideas Illinois has the background, expertise, vision and track record to draw attention and deliver point-of-the-spear messages. We have statewide-recognized leadership who have earned the reputation for effectively delivering messages to constituents likely to be concerned about these issues.